[Qoo Review] RWBY Mobile Game at ChinaJoy 2018


A lot of exciting new games are being revealed at ChinaJoy 2018 in Shanghai! From Chinese Publisher/Developer, Shanda Games’ Booth, comes a crossover from the East and the West, the mobile game adaptation of RWBY! The game has already been revealed before, at this year at ChinaJoy 2018 (CJ2018), I finally got a chance to try the game first hand.



Like many of the more recent games from China, RWBY has sharp, brilliant graphics that really makes the game pop in the eyes of players. Each of the iconic characters from the series are made similar to the style of Rooster Teeth’s original animated series. In the demo at CJ2018, each character had different costumes which the players can alternate between from the character screen. Each of these costumes stays true to the original series.




1808041835401Video coming soon! stay tuned!

The actual combat gameplay of the game is like most mobile action side-scrollers (is it just me or has there been a lot of them lately?!). The pace of the action in the game was quite balanced, auto-attacks and skills have relative animation cooldown times which prevents simple straight forward strategies like spamming attacks.

A problem I had with the game was with the the slight delays with the movement controls. Whilst generally, the game doesn’t have any issues, sometimes the movement controls will be a little less responsive. Although this isn’t game breaking, it does somewhat affect the overall gameplay experience.



There wasn’t really a lot to explore with the demo available at CJ2018, but from what I can see, the game does feature weapons with different elements. Since all characters were at max level in the game, it was hard to see just exactly how much the elements will factor into the combat. Incidentally, all the weapons had the same illustration in the game, but it would be interesting to see new weapon illustrations when the game is released!

Overall Experience


My personal experience from the demo was quite good. The game does include a lot of features for fans of the series, including the usual appreciation modes where the game hides the system UI to allow players to really appreciate the characters and their various costumes without the UI distractions.

RWBY mobile

The graphics for the game did do a good job in representing the original series. Unfortunately due to the lively atmosphere of ChinaJoy and my own lack of earphones (T^T) there wasn’t a lot I could experience from the game’s audio, but from a visual standpoint, the game wasn’t anything impressive, but at the same time, it wasn’t any worse than other games being released.

Personally, I found the combat quite satisfying. Despite the minor problem with control response, the game does do a good job in making the game more optimized for mobile, including the slight auto-aim when attacking and the wide area coverage for the character’s skills.

[Update 6th August 2018]

To pre-register for the game, you will need a working China mobile phone number.

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