[Qoo Guide] Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void Things You Need and Should Know to Play


The open beta for Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void has started today (7th August)! I’m sure many of you are excited to start collecting your favorite characters in the game, but there are a few things you will need to prepare beforehand in order to play the game.


Number #1: WeChat/QQ Accounts

Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void

As a Tencent game, it isn’t really surprising that you would either need a WeChat or a QQ account in order to play the game. The good thing is that there is an English interface for creating both a QQ and a WeChat account. So the first thing you’ll need to do is to create one of the two accounts, or even make both, you never really know when you’ll need them to play something else! There’s no workaround for this as the game doesn’t offer an option for players to login as Guests.

Creating a WeChat account will only require a working email, whilst a working mobile phone number will be required to create a QQ account. However, the mobile phone number is not restricted to a China phone number, so you can create an account regardless of where you are. Be aware that if you create an account with a Chinese number, you will be able to receive additional bonuses in game via WeChat, but you will need to have a working China phone number.

Incidentally, this will also bind your account, so yeah… there’s that.

WeChat Account Registration Link – Top right “Register Now” and select Subscription Account.
QQ Account Registration Link

Number #2: Main Characters, Support Characters, and Crossing!

The characters in Dengeki Bunko are separated into two main categories, Main and Sub characters. Main characters are characters that you can bring to the frontlines. These characters will have a Basic Attack (0 cost to cast), an Active Skill (costs x amount of blue points), and a Special Skill (costs x amount of yellow points). Main characters also have x amount of passive skills depending on their rarity. Higher rarity = more passives. Additional passive skills can be unlocked as you raise your character’s stars.



Support characters are characters that are can be paired with Main Characters. Like Main Characters, Sub characters have passive skills, but these will benefit the main characters they are paired with. Additional passive skills can be unlocked as you raise your character’s stars. Each Sub character will have one active skill that will be located towards the right side of the Main Characters Special Skill.

An important part of pairing characters is to pair characters with “Relations” together. Pairing characters with relations together will unlock an additional “Crossing Skill” where both characters will come together and perform a special attack. Crossing Skills are generally stronger than normal Active Skills.

■ Without Relation

18080710542399 If you have a Sub Character that has a relation with your Main Character, they will glow as seen in the image above. Paired characters without relations will also have a “disconnected” sign in between them.

18080710534510 No Crossing skill will be available for paired characters without a relation.

■ With Relation




Number #3: Main UI Translated