Turn-based SRPG Cybercell:Flux pre-registration Begins!

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Pre-registration starts today for UBeeJoy’s revolutionary strategy card game CYBERCELL: FLUX! Set in a Cyberpunk world, this unique turn-based strategy game blends the features of war chess, match 3 as well as card games. Flux and Fuse your way to victory in a volatile strategy game that can change at any moment!



Thrilling Story, Innovative Gameplay

In the near future, the paradise of Nova City faces an impossible disaster. Primitive Wasteland invaders breach their high-tech defenses and begin an onslaught against the citizens. Withstand the invasion in this brand new turn-based SRPG. Change the flow of battle at any moment by using the enemy’s own units against them infusion chains to create powerful evolved heroes.


Set Cells & Fuse Heroes for Combat!

Fuse same colored energy cells to summon your heroes to the field. Set your cells strategically to absorb enemy units into your fusion chains to evolve your own heroes. Timing is also important to activate your Flux Skills and Flux your enemy before they Flux you!

Push Your Deck to the Limits

With 3 base classes to choose from, Assassin, Guardian, and Marksman, collect and create your perfect team of cyberpunk heroes to do battle against your enemy. Fuse your heroes strategically to activate their unique Flux Skills or evolve them into 1 of 8 advanced classes for endless possibilities.

Join pre-registration to win exclusive gifts

Players now can pre-experience the game in official pre-registration page. Generous rewards are also waiting for you to claim (Each account can only use one gift code)!

Different pre-registration miles offer different rewards:

3000: CyberChip x100 + Energy x10
5000: CyberChips x150 + Energy x15 + Civilian Uniform x1
10000: CyberChip x250 + Energy x20 + SR Nikita x1


Exclusive event for QooApp players is also open now. Click the link below and get your rewards: Power x50, Energy x20, (Shard) Olivia • Campus  x2.

Exclusive Rewards

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