Square Enix kickstarts fairy-tale style mobile project - Project Echoes

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Square Enix has planned out another SiNoALICE-ish fairy-tale theme game project for mobile, Project Echoes (プロジェクト・エコーズ).

A teaser trailer is now available, but it does not reveal much about the gameplay except a few playable characters in a village setting.

Pre-registration is already available. The release schedule is not revealed yet.


“People are born with fate.
Among these people, there are innocents and there is a princess.
Their fate is irreversible.
They will be punished if they ever desire freedom. 

And those who are punished will go to The Library for redemption. 
And infinity in The Library will only give the punished finite memory.

We, who refused to accept our fate, are given new characters.
We cannot ignore those things.”

The manager of the library is Jibril.

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