KADOKAWA GAMES' New Dating Sim "LoveR" Comes Out on Valentine's Day 2019

Mr. Qoo PS4

KADOKAWA Games announced on 10th September, during the PlayStation Lineup Tour, that they will be releasing their new LoveR dating sim for PS4 on Valentine’s Day 2019 (14th February 2019).


LoveR celebrates the 22nd anniversary of the True Love Story dating sims series. The game will feature character designs from KimiKiss and Photo Kano character designer Tarō Mino (箕星 太朗).

The R in LoveR stands for “Romance” and Record”. In the game, players will be able to interact and build relationships with the six heroines designed  by Tarō Mino. Players will be able to capture their memories with each girls through photographs.


The game will use the PS4’s DualShock 4 motion sensor for gyro shooting, allowing players to change the angle of the screen when taking pictures. the game will also make use of the microphone support, allowing players to give out voice commands like a photographer would do to models in real life.

▲ Voice command support

▲Girls will respond with a variety of actions

▲Without Focus

▲With Focus

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