New "Nohrian Dusk" Heroes Coming to FEH

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Nintendo has released a new character introduction trailer for four new heroes coming to their popular mobile game, Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH).

The new heroes include Dramatic Heroine – Ophelia, Eye Spy – Nina, Loyal Knight – Silas, and Cold as Ice – Flora from Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest.

Dramatic Heroine – Ophelia

Eye Spy – Nina

Loyal Knight – Silas

Cold as Ice – Flora

The four new heroes will come alongside a new story chapter titled “A Way Home” on September 14th07:00 UTC and 00:00 PT.

About the Game

In Fire Emblem Heroes, players play the role of a summoner who summons iconic heroes from the many Fire Emblem titles in a turn-based tactical RPG style gameplay. Battles take place in an 8×6 tile map and players will have to put their heroes attributes and abilities as well as the terrain of the map into consideration in order to gain victory. The game will also feature brand new illustrations and voices for some of your favorite Fire Emblem characters.

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