Square Enix's magical girl mobile game Mashiro Witch coming this Fall

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Square Enix’s mobile RPG Mashiro Witch – Midnight Marchen (ましろウィッチ – 真夜中メルヒエン ) is scheduled for Fall 2018 after almost a year of delay.

Mashiro Witch was first announced in March 2017 and supposed to come out before the end of 2017. It never showed up until October 2017, during which Square Enix released a close beta to quench players’ thirst.

Set in a world on the verge of destruction, magical girls band together to prevent the world from its doom. These girls all study at a magic academy, and their job is to kill the monsters that stay at “the Garden”. Players are able to choose four characters to form a team which will take turn to attack in a battle.

The video below introduces a few playable characters. Protagonist Mana Asahina has customizable features ranging from personality and outfit to face and job.

Square Enix has also announced a collaboration between Mashiro Witch and Kai-ri-Sei Million Arthur. Characters of the latter will crash the world of Mashiro Witch in this event. More details will be revealed later.

Pre-registration is still open.

Pre-registration Gifts

10,000: Gem x1,000 (3 gacha)
30,000: Gem x1,500 (5 gacha)
50,000: Gem x2,500 (8 gacha)
70,000: Gem x3,000 (10 gacha)
100,000: Gem x4,500 (10 gacha) + ★4 gear guaranteed gacha ticket

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