Getting Started: Idola Phantasy Star Saga Re-Roll Marathon

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In celebration of the 30th-anniversary of the Phantasy Star series, Sega created Idola Phantasy Star Saga, a new Phantasy Star mobile title that inherits the original Phantasy Star game system.


Before you even get to the initial tutorial of the game, the game already gives you a 10x summon. This initial 10x summon can already grab you multiple 5★ characters and items. However, this summon won’t give you any natural 5★ characters, meaning all the 5★ characters that drop here are upgraded from their natural 4★ forms. One unnatural 5★ Guaranteed.

After the initial tutorial, you will receive one 10x summon ticket and around 5000 gems in your inbox. This means you can do 20 summons. This is when the true re-roll begins. You basically want to ensure that you have at least one of the natural 5★ characters (Stella (ステラ), Rosalind (ローゼリンデ), Annamarie (アンナマリー), Jasper (ジャスパー)) and build your team around that.

■ Stella (ステラ)

Class: Paladin
All-pupose Tank
Team Attack & Defense Buff
Blast Attak hits all enemies and heals allies

■ Rosalind (ローゼリンデ)

Class: Knight
The more she is hit the more damage she deals
Damage Reduction & Counter Buff
Single Target Blast

■ Annamarie (アンナマリー)

Class: Dancer
Team Damage Buff
Team CDR
Blast Buffs Allies

■ Jasper (ジャスパー)

Class: Berserker
Shadow Clones
CDR per Hit & Per Enemies Defeated
Blast Deals Massive Damage

Gacha Rates:
5★ Characters 5%
5★ Items 5%

Useful 4★ Characters

Abelle (アベーユ)
Basic Attack has Freeze Chance

Walter (ヴァルター)
Single Target Freeze
AoE Blast Skill with Freeze Chance

Sandra (サンドラ)
Basic Attack has Sleep Chance

Zola (ゾラ)
Team Damage Buff
Single Target CDR

Nadia (ナディア)
Single Target Heal & Debuff Remove
Team Attack Buff

Bind Account

To bind your account, you will first need to make a SEGA ID. If don’t have one, you can be directed to the registration page in game.



Once you hit the green button, you will receive an email with a link to complete the registration process. The link will direct you to the following page.

Username no caps
Password must have one Capital Letter and at least one digit
*Unckeck the Emial Notification Box if you don’t want to receive emails from Sega.

Back to Binding Account!

You can enter your SEGA ID and Password on this page to bind your account to your SEGA ID. Alternatively, you can do it through the main title screen.

More Idola guides will be coming out soon. Comment below for things you want to know about the game!

Combat Breakdown

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