Japanese Version of Arknights Set for 2019

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Yostar, the publisher of the Japanese version of Azur Lane, has announced today (3rd December), that the Japanese version of Chinese developer Hypergryph’s Arknights will be released in 2019 in Japan.


Arknights is set in a ruined world. Upon the discovery of a mysterious mineral known as “Source”, mankind made giant leaps in technologies, but the Source that gave birth to these technological advances also brought a deadly virus. People infected by Source are known as “infected”, infected victims will slowly petrify from within their body. There are three stages to the infection and the virus has 100% lethality. With no cure, the only thing those that are not infected can do is quarantine the infected.



The quarantine policy led to the infected unifying to rebel against the government, destroying cities putting them on an irreversible path. Under the disguise of offering Infected with medical care, a company known as Rhodes Islands has been secretly researching and experimenting on Source to create new weapons for the war.



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