Attack on Bacteria! Attack on Titan Laundry Detergent Launches in Japan

Mr. Qoo

Since Levi revealed his clean freak nature in the Attack on Titan series, there have been many memes and collaborations revolving around his dedication for cleanliness. Yesterday (10th December), Japan’s Kao Corporation (花王株式会社) launched a special Attack on Titan laundry detergent!

The collaboration detergent, the “Attack Anti-Bacterial EX Super Clear Gel”, is based on designs specifications voted by Twitter users. From the shape of the bottle to the cap and the label. The product itself is based on Kao Corporation’s detergents.

Levi Detergent Voting Video

The bottle design votes for the detergent was held earlier this year in July. To promote the campaign, Kao Corporation released a video showing Eren arguing over which image of Levi to use for the bottle.

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