Quick Tour of Taipei Game Show 2019!

Mr. Qoo

Taipei Game Show 2019 has just opened to the public hours ago! Like always, the convention halls of Taipei World Trade Center is filled with titans from the gaming industry, showcasing their latest titles.

Before the companies start announcing the latest updates to their upcoming games and projects, let’s take a moment to explore their booths!


For Taipei Game Show, PlayStation will be featuring Dead or Alive 6, DEEMO `Reborn-, Seikiro: Shadow Die Twice, Resident Evil 2, Days Gone, and Dragon Quest Builders 2.

Bandai Namco

From Bandai Namco, Jump Force will be taking the spotlight alongside numerous highly anticipated titles including One Piece: World Seeker, God Eater 3, Super Robot Wars T, Super Robot Wars DD, and the recently announced SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays!


Ubisoft has already released most of their major titles announced during E3 last year, but for Taipei Game Show, the company has dedicated most of the booth the few upcoming titles that gamers have been dying for like The Division 2! Visitors will also be able to try Just Dance 2, as well as the newly announced Far Cry New Dawn.


Sega’s booth this year at Taipei Game Show is split into three main themes. First, Catherine Full Body following the announcement of the traditional Chinese version released in Tokyo Game Show last year part of Sega’s booth is dedicated to Catherine. Secondly, much like Tokyo Game Show, Sega will be featuring Judge Eyes: Shinigami no Yuigon. Finally, the booth features Total War: Three Kingdoms.


As always, XFLAG will be featuring their flagship mobile game, Monster Strike. This year, the company invited NAKED Inc., a Japanese “spaceCreative Company” to create a special Exhibition for fans of the game. This year, XFLAG will also invite members of AKB48 to perform at their main stage!



Our own booth! This year, we have adopted a steampunk theme to present some of the hottest games on mobile! Visitors will also be able to clear special missions from our booth to take home prizes ranging from small merch to in-game goodies!


Asides from the booths mentioned above, Taipei Game Show has more for visitors to see. Check out some of the booths that we haven’t already mentioned below!

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