Sangoku Taisen Smash! x Ikki Tousen Collaboration Begins

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Ateam’s mobile RPG Sangoku Taisen Smash! (三国大戦スマッシュ!), which has already got over 7 millions download, is now having a collaboration event with popular bishojo anime series Ikki Tousen Western Wolves.

Fans’ favorite girls including Kanu Unchou, Ekitoku Chouhi, and Ryuubi Gentoku have joined the world of Sangoku Taisen Smash!. Not only can players enjoy new original scenarios, they can also conquer collaboration-exclusive quests with the new force!

Collaboration Details

■ Everyone gets a ★5 Kanu Unchou as collaboration bonus

Period: 12:00 15/2/2019 – 10:59 8/3/2019 (JPT)

■ Upon clearing collaboration-exclusive quest players can get ★5 Shinmen Musashi

Period: 12:00 15/2/2019 – 10:59 8/3/2019 (JPT)

■ Collect points to recruit “Choun Shiryu” and “HImiko & Yoshitsune Minamoto Kurou”

Period: 12:00  15/2/2019 – 10:59 26/2/2019 (JPT)

■ Collaboration gacha pool with three ★5 characters

Period: 12:00 15/2/2019 – 10:59 26/2/2019 (JPT)

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