DeNA's Torikago Introduces New Features After CBT

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Earlier this week, DeNA launched a closed beta for their mobile “beast girl” RPG, Torikago, which was really well received by testers. The recent 18-day beta test allowed players to get a first feel for the game.


Following the beta period, DeNA updated the official website for the game, revealing new features that players can expect for when the game officially releases.

New Features


■ Torikago Workshop (トリカゴ工房)

In the Torikago workshop, players will be able to scavenge through the treasures they have collected and craft different items.

■ Characters Missions (キャラクターミッション)

The Kemo-mix (ケモミックス), the beast girls, will have special time-limited missions which players will have to complete within the given time. Clearing these missions will reward players with special rewards?!

The official website has also teased that plans for new features to improve player experience are being made.

Pre-Registration Rewards


In response to the success of the pre-registration campaign, DeNA has added a new pre-registration milestone for the game, adding more in-game t-shirts as rewards.

Character Introduction Trailers

On the game’s official YouTube channel, new character introduction trailers have also been released.

■ Botan – CV: Manami Numakura

■ Lailah – CV: Yui Ogura

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