Bungo Stray Dogs x Sanrio Collaboration Announced!

Mr. Qoo

Today (4th March), Sanrio announced that they will be collaborating with the Bungo Stray Dogs TV anime series to create a line of Bungo Stray Dogs x Sanrio merch.

The collaboration will see the characters of Bungo Stay Dogs transformed into adorable Sanrio characters. The setting of the collaboration revolves around a “Sanrio Character Fantasia”. Anyone who hears this fantasia will be brought to a magical world filled with gentle and adorable children.

Sanrio Illustrations

▲ Atsushi Nakajima x Hello Kitty
▲ Osamu Dazai x Melody
▲ Ryunosuke Akutagawa x Badtz-Maru
▲ Chuya Nakahara x Tuxedo Sam
▲ Fjodor Dostoyevsky x Cinnamon

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