Final Blade "The Legend of the White Snake" Update Arrives!

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Final Blade releases their new update introducing new heroes from The Legend of the White Snake! New content and events will also be introduced with the new update. Find out more in the official press release below.

<<Official Final Blade Press Release>>

Final Blade, one of the top popular Mobile RPG game has come with the New update! The new update brings new characters from the legend of the White Snake, New special content Leifeng Pagoda, 4 New Chapters, New in-game content Dohwa Gate, New event Bingo missions with the chance to get 6-star hero bottle and 4 sexy costumes for Iron Fist Woohee, Bloody Shadow, Sohee and Devil Diane.

New Heroes from The Legend of the White Snake

5 New heroes from the story of the White Snake are added; Susu, Xuxian, Qingqing, Mengxiao, and Fahai. In addition, there are exclusively extra story content about the white snake specially Leifeng pagoda for more excitement and rewards!

Added New Chapters

Everyone is surely looking forward to new chapters! There are 4 more chapters in addition to 20 which means we now have 24 chapters and these new chapters will drop 6-star gears!

New Content, Dohwa Gate

Dohwa Gate is the mode that has similar gameplay with Strategy Defense letting you choose your own team to protect Dohwa Gate against the invasion. Upon completion, Gold and Hero ticket will be awarded!

Bingo Mission Event

The more event, the merrier! There is new event for you to have fun with Bingo missions giving you various missions to achieve and when you can complete all of them, you will get a 6-star hero for free!

Exclusive Costumes

Costumes are here for your characters to change into more stunning looks! This time, we will get to see 4 new sexy costumes!

– Bunny Girl Iron Fist Woohee
– Swim Suit Sohee
– School Uniform Bloody Shadow
– Swim Suit Devil Diane

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