Square Enix Reveals Core System for Mobile Game "LAST IDEA"

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In celebration of their game reaching over 100,000 pre-registered players, Square Enix revealed the core system for their upcoming mobile RPG, LAST IDEA.

The game will feature a “Smart Command” combat system in which players will be able to freely zoom in and out of the combat whilst easily give commands to their units through simple taps and swipes.

Square Enix has also emphasized on the fact that LAST IDEA will not have any Character/Item gacha. As players play the game, they will be able to find treasures that they will be able to use themselves or even sell.

At launch, the game will feature over 600 different types of equipment, each with their own unique effects and stats. What equipment players use will depend on how they build the character in the “IDEA” system. The IDEA system is the character class and skill tree system in the game. Each IDEA will have one avatar, players will also be able to customize their character’s aesthetics to create their own perfect avatar.

Online Features

LAST IDEA will feature online multiplayer features, from co-op game modes of up to four players to online auctions where players can buy and sell items.


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