Doraemon: Nobita's Story of Seasons Full Trailer Released

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Bandai Namco has released the first PV for the previously announced Doraemon: Nobita’s Story of Seasons!

In the new game, players will play as Nobita and experience the Story of Seasons gameplay from farming to fishing, catching bugs, decorating your room, and giving gifts to different characters to grow closer with them.

Doraemon: Nobita’s Story of Seasons is due out 13th June in Japan for Nintendo Switch.


One day, Nobita and Doraemon find a mysterious seed. Thinking that it may be a new species of plant, the to plant the seed, only to have it grow into a large tree right before their eyes. At the same time, a storm sweeps up Nobita and his friends…

When they finally wake up, Nobita and his friends find themselves in a mysterious world where they meet Ranch (ランチ), a kind-hearted boy who tells them they are in a town called Season Town.

With no idea how to get home, Ranch suggests that they live in Season Town and help the town residents until they find a way to go home. Each character is given a different job. Doraemon is tasked with the role of the mayor’s assistant, Shizuka-chan helps out at the hospital, Suneo works at the restaurant, Gian works with the carpenter, and Nobita works on tending to Ranch’s ruined farm.

With the help of his friends and the town residents, Nobita must bring new life back to the ruined farm.


■ Ranch

A kind-hearted boy who lives with Pasti. He runs the family farm which Nobita works on. He is a supportive friend who helps Nobita and tells him what to do on the farm.

■ Pasti

The oldest resident of Season Town. She is a kind and gentle person who welcomes Nobita and his friends into her home when they found themselves in Season Town without a place to stay.

■ Yamei

The mayor of Season Town. He is strict on children on don’t help out in the town. He sees a potential danger in Doraemon’s gadgets and confiscates them.


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