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The global version is finally here! Ateam has finally released the global version of Shojo Kageki Revue Starlight Re LIVE. In celebration of the global version’s launch, there will also be a series of events and celebrations. Find out more in the official press release below.

<<Official Revue Starlight Re LIVE Press Release>>

Ateam Inc. (headquarters: Nagoya, Japan; president: Takao Hayashi; hereafter “Ateam”) is proud to announce that the global version of the smartphone game Revue Starlight Re LIVE (Starlight for short), developed in cooperation with Bushiroad Inc. (headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; president: Yoshitaka Hashimoto; hereafter “Bushiroad”) and Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc. (headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; president: Takashi Sasaki; hereafter “TBS”), is officially available! Supported languages include English, Korean, and Traditional Chinese.

Revue Starlight Re LIVE is a game for smartphones based on the popular Revue Starlight property in which “Stage Girls” compete in performances to become a top star. Revue Starlight began as a live musical and in July of 2018 received a televised anime series. In the game, players can enjoy an all-original story featuring the nine “Stage Girls” who appear in both the musical and anime series and 15 new “Stage Girls” made especially for the game.

Special Celebrations for Release! Infinite Redo Gacha Available for New Players!

Celebrating over 500,000 pre-registrations and the release of the game, all players will receive the nine Stage Girls of Seisho Music Academy along with 4,500 Star Gems, just for completing the tutorial!

One 4★ Stage Girl and four 2★-3★ Stage Girls are guaranteed in this special free Gacha! It can be redone as many times as a player desires until they receive the Stage Girls they want, making the “reroll” process a breeze.

(Available for 24 hours after completing the tutorial.)

Appearing 4★ Stage Girls
Musketeer d’Artagnan Karen Aijo
Musketeer Athos Hikari Kagura
Musketeer Porthos Mahiru Tsuyuzaki
Sun Nation General Maya Tendo
Musketeer Aramis Junna Hoshimi
Black Lion Nation General Kaoruko Hanayagi
Ghost Patrol Squad Deputy Captain Tamao Tomoe
Ghost Patrol Squad Captain Ichie Otonashi
Greenhorn Captain Aruru Otsuki
Pirate Queen Shizuha Kocho
Celestial Goddess Akira Yukishiro
Earth Goddess Yachiyo Tsuruhime

Start Dash Packs on Sale!

Players will be able to purchase a special value pack for a limited time after release that contains a Gacha Ticket guaranteeing a 4★ Stage Girl!

Availability: From 22nd April 2019

24 Quirky and Lovable “Stage Girls”

15 new “Stage Girls”, made especially for Revue Starlight Re LIVE, appear alongside the nine “Stage Girls” of Seisho Music Academy featured in the musical and anime series, making for a total of 24 characters. Voicing these characters is an all-star cast of Japanese voice actresses. Introduction videos for the “Stage Girls” can be viewed on the official website.

Read more on Revue Starlight characters here

Exciting Turn-Based Battles

Players tap panels to select the actions their “Stage Girls” will take in battle. Each action will fill their “Brilliance Gauges”, which can be used to perform a stunning “Climax Revue” when full. When a “Climax Revue” is set in motion, the music will change to a song suiting the active character and players can activate special “Climax Acts” unique to each character. Additionally, if two or more “Stage Girls” perform a “Climax Act” and if special conditions are met, they can perform an even more impressive “Finishing Act” following the next turn.

With player-versus-player battles also available to enjoy, players will have endless fun raising their “Stage Girls” and coming up with strategies for battle.

Intricate Growth Systems

There are numerous ways players can power up their “Stage Girls”, such as increasing their levels with experience points, unlocking skill panels, and giving them gifts. Giving them enough gifts will also reveal original stories for players to enjoy.

Additionally, players can set special items called “Memoirs” to their “Stage Girls” to power them up even further. “Memoirs” are meaningful memories of the characters that have been depicted as illustrations.

Numerous Outfits for Each “Stage Girl”

The “Stage Girls” appear in numerous outfits, and their visuals and voice samples change accordingly. Players will surely enjoy seeing their favorite characters perform different abilities based on the outfits they wear.

About Revue Starlight

Based on the concept of the same cast performing in both musicals and animation, the project first began in September of 2017 with the release of the musical. The songs and dances performed became a sensation, and the musical was quickly brought back in January of 2018. In that same year, the anime series was broadcast on television in July and the newest stage performance opened in October.

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