Torakago Bind Account, Daily & Monthly Missions, and a Little More!

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Following the beta test back in February, DeNA has finally released the latest mobile post-apocalyptic animal-ear waifu game, Torikago. Here are some of thing things you need to know to get you started with the game.

Torikago PV

Initial Summon

Right after the initial tutorial of the game, you will get an “infinite retries” 5x summon. During this summon, you will be able to summon multiple 4★ characters and 4★ weapons. It is recommended that you get at least a 4★ character and a 4★ weapon during this summon. Since this game is more of a “waifu game”, your focus should be getting the character you like.

Daily Missions

■ Clear Area Stage x5
■ Clear Material Quest x5
■ Talk to Girls x3
■ Complete Daily Missions x3

Monthly Missions

Monthly Missions work a little differently from Daily Quests. At the beginning of each month, you will have initial monthly missions. As you clear these initial quests, follow-up quests will be unlocked. For example, The first “Talk to Girls” mission will complete after 5 conversations, a follow-up quest will be unlocked which will require 5 more conversations. You will have to clear each quests multiple times to complete the “Clear All Monthly” mission.

Initial Missions:

■ Clear Area Stage x10
■ Clear Material Quests x5
■ Talk to Girls x5
■ Kill Enemies x100
■ Clear Monthly Missions

Changing Waifu on Main Screen

Account Bind + Transfer

■ Data Transfer

Official Site

Official Twitter

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