Touhou Project New Mobile Game Touhou Cannonball Pre-Registration Starts!

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Created by Aniplex and Quatro A, Touhou Project (東方Project) New Mobile Game Touhou Cannonball (東方キャノンボール) announced the pre-registration of the game started on 5th May.

Touhou Cannonball is the first official Touhou Project mobile titled. The core gameplay is similar to Monopoly as players will roll the dice to move across the Gensokyo-set board and earn money through items, battle, shopping, and more as they aim for victory.

Renowned Touhou Project characters, including Reimu Hakurei (博麗 霊夢), Marisa Kirisame (霧雨魔理沙), Kagerou Imaizumi (今泉影狼) and Yuka Kazami (風見幽香), will be featured in the game.


Pre-registration Rewards

10,000: Cannonball X 1000
30,000: Coin X 10,000
50,000: Cannonball X 1000
100,000: 4★ Marisa Kirisame


Official Site

Official Twitter


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