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<<Official Saint Seiya: Galaxy Spirits Press Release>>

Today, we will take a look at two very useful features in the game Saint Seiya: Galaxy Spirits that will help add fun to the game. Also helps us to develop our team to be stronger as well That is the showdown system And the legion system itself As for the details, how will it be? Wait to see!

Arena system

When reaching level 12, this system will open to play easily. It is a PVP system, but not real-time. Is the team to come up with the rival team already organized To the most fair The game will hit for all. Players do not interfere. Therefore, pay attention to the best example. Which stand position, combos, must always adjust to keep up with the situation. Including we have to organize the team as a defender as well. When people have to be beaten, they must also receive.

The tournament system will randomly recommend 3 people at a time. If you are not satisfied, press refresh again. When choosing a person to fight, he can come and get together. The attacker must defeat the defender within 5 minutes, otherwise, the challenge will be counted as a failure. A player is able to fight 5 times a day and will reset every 5 times of every day. Each fight will have a cooldown that must wait before entering the new battle for 10 minutes but can use the diamond to clear it. If lazy, just wait to use 10 precious diamonds.

Asked what PVP would get, the first is Ranking. The more we climb, the harder it is. The force will be divided into both daily, which will be reset every 3 pm and the accumulated strength will be distributed with diamonds. Worthwhile The second is the point score. Every time we win, we will get 2 points, and if I lose, you will get a negative point. When you get a certain number of point, you will gain a gold medal, Graude’s Token, and points will be used as money to buy items in the arena shop. Fight to win and go shopping again. It’s really great. After going to try PVP, let’s say it’s a chance to win. Because we can’t control anything. Must have a chance for the map to be placed.

Legion System

The first is the Legion Hall. Which will show all the prestigious member names of our guilds Including the status of the guild that what level, how many members are said to be like the front door of the guild?

Next is the activity pillar that has two modes: Shaka’s enlightenment and Boss Guild, Shaka’s enlightenment is a kind of tea that is very spectacular There are many opportunities to be able to play together. The Boss Guild is the guild’s dungeon. Let us go down and hunt down the boss. A lot of drops as well. Good value for people with real guilds.

Next is the technology that members in the guild have to help each other to make money and diamonds to help develop the guild’s technology to advance beyond the pace of the world. The technology has many types to choose from. Who donates, he has a reward, not to be afraid of loss.

And the last one is the legion store. The money is earned from donations to technology. The shop will have more products to sell. If people in the guild help make donations, add that. The real wild water Cheong also has to buy a variety as well. Come and buy.

Saint Seiya: Galaxy Spirits is really a feature. There is absolutely no way out. Because there are various systems To continue to play the farm of the level farm For today, it’s probably enough to know the stadium system with the legion system. Next, what system will be introduced to each other? We can wait to follow.

Other activities that will be introduced include:

■ Login Rewards

Saying that it is easy and very worthwhile, just getting into it every day can get the reward. If you log in for 3 days, you can get Arisu Sam three stars to go. And if you log in for 7 days, you can go with Aquarius Kasew, four stars!! The most is when you log in for 14 days! Do that and you’ll get Leo Aiolia at 4 full stars, just come in and lock in. It is an activity that helps players to get 4 stars easily.

■ CP

During the first week of the OBT, there will be a competition that measures the CP who is the highest. The person with the highest CP at the given time will get the strongest possession of Jemina Saga. I still want this one. Because it is an attacker, a group that looks brutal Plus create a turbulent background image Get to go. This is definitely worth the CP molding.

■ Level-Up Level-Up Pack

Another way to help players find purple diamonds and money to spend in the game. That is the activity Level-Up Pack that will gradually increase the number of diamonds and gold that is distributed every 2 levels to level 50, making players grow faster. There are more options to do. It is easy to update or summon a new saint. Considered a very good activity.
All the good news of St. Seiya people. DeNA, game moderator of Saint Seiya: Galaxy Spirits has announced the OBT day !!

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