Black Stella Set for Release in June

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Today (28th May), Fuji Games’ mystical RPG Black Stella (ブラックステラ) announced that the game will be released in June.


-August 1998-
A series of explosions in Tokyo wiped out 90 thousand lives. The government claimed that the explosions were caused by natural gases leaked in underground construction.

-February 2019-
Just before the 2020 Olympics, a 2km radius ground subsidence occurred in the Minato ward and Koto ward of Tokyo, over 18 thousand people were affected. The incident was said to be caused by an asteroid, however, the truth was never exposed…

-March 2033-
Swept away by another major incident, the entire Minato ward was destroyed by unidentified monsters. Due to this incident, Tokyo has by isolated by Japan and the rest of the world.

… and so, we arrive to 2049.


The game is currently available for pre-registration. pre-registration rewards include:

10,000: 150 Gems
30,000: 150 Gems
50,000: 300 Gems
70,000: 400 Gems
100,000: 500 Gems
110,000: 1500 Gems (10x gacha summons)
120,000: 10x FD Gacha Summon Ticket
130,000: Tutorial 10x Gacha Summon includes: one character guaranteed
140,000: Tutorial 10x Gacha Summon includes: 2★ + guaranteed character
150,000: Tutorial 10x Gacha Summon includes: 3★ Characters

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BLACK STELLA -ブラックステラ- BLACK STELLA BLACK STELLA -ブラックステラ- Fuji Games, Inc. Release Date: Unspcified Pre-register
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