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Netmarble’s Seven Deadly Sins mobile spin-off game Grand Cross is finally out (Download). Created by Netmarble, the creator of some of the best mobile games, Grand Cross may well be one of the best anime spin-off games out there. Ignoring the obvious impressive graphics, the game, at its core, has almost everything that makes a mobile gacha game fun.

Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross’ combat has hints of Crusader Quests block merging system and typical turn-based mechanics. Skill cards are dealt at the beginning of each turn. players will have a choice of moving cards around their hand to merge them and playing different skill cards to determine what their characters do in battle.

But enough on the game, Here are some tips and guides to help you get started with Seven Deadly Sins Hikari to Yami Grand Cross.

Reset Marathon Rundown

Grand Cross has a fairly lengthy tutorial which includes a 10x summon that has a chance to summon SSR characters. With the pre-registration rewards, players will be able to do another 10x summon after the tutorial. To make things easier for players to re-roll, the game does include a built-in data wipe option, this saves a lot of time for players since the game requires all players to download over 1.6GB worth of data before the tutorial!

Quick Data Reset Step-by-Step

Recommended Starting Character

In the initial tutorial 10x summon, players will have a chance to obtain one of the SSR versions of the seven deadly sins and after the tutorial gacha, other SSR characters will be open to the pool. As per other QooApp getting started guides, here are a few recommended characters to aim for when starting the game.

S Tier:

■ Lord Gilthunder (【雷帝】ギルサンダー) [Power] SSR

▲Mr.Qoo will update this image once he finally gets this character!

Gilthunder is a tank with Taunt and an AoE debuff. Like typical JRPG taunts, Gilthunder’s taunt also makes it so he takes 30% reduced damage. With Gilthunder in your team, your glass cannon characters can safely do what they’re supposed to do. His ulti deals massive damage (600% Attack) to a single target.

■ Knight of Godspeed – Jericho (【神速の騎士】ジェリコ) [Health] SSR

Jericho is your typical damage dealing hero with devasting offensive powers and a built-in crit chance increase mechanic. Her skills target’s opponent’s “weak points” (according to the description) to deal immense damage. Every time Jericho chains her skills, she gains a 5% crit chance which increases her overall damage output. Her second skill also inflicts bleed on the target for 2 turns. Her skills are all single-target attacks which makes her exceptionally good when it comes to boss fights.

■ Gowther (【リオネスの英雄】ゴウセル) [Speed] SSR

Gowther has an AoE attack skill which deals more damage if the target is under a debuff effect. This matches perfectly with his second skill which is an AoE debuff that forbids enemies from using debuff skills. At 3-star charge, his second skill reduces enemies’ attack by 40% and restricts them to only using attack skills.

■ [Snatch] Ban (【強奪】荒くれ者バン) [Health] SSR

This version of Ban is a high sustain character with the ability to “snatch” attack and defense from enemies. His main attack skill comes with a passive life steal effect and his second skill “Snatch” can reduce enemies attack and defense up to 50% (at 3-star charge) whilst raising his own attack and defense. The only major downside is this version of Ban cannot equip weapon costumes.

Seven Deadly Sins Leader Meliodas (【七つの大罪】メリオダス) SSR (A Tier, potentially S)

Currently, A tier since his skill set is outshined by the characters mentioned above but Outburst Counter is pretty badass, for one turn Meliodas returns 100% of missing health as damage to enemies. At max charge, the counter deals 250% of missing health as damage.

Account Bind

There are a few ways to bind your account. First is to bind through Google Play Account (Android Devices only) by Email, and by setting a Bind Account Code. Follow the step-by-step guide below to bind your account.

■ Binding

■ Account Transfer

Official Site

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