Smartphone RPG AFTERLOST - Shōmetsu Toshi Now Available for Download

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Developed by Wright Flyer Studios and GREE, mobile RPG AFTERLOST – Shōmetsu Toshi (AFTERLOST – 消滅都市) today (6th June) officially launches.

AFTERLOST – Shōmetsu Toshie is a a spin-off of the seriesc created in celebration of the 5th anniversary of mobile RPG Everything in its Right Place (消滅都市 – Shōmetsu Toshie).The new game re-tells the story in Yuki’s (ユキ) perspective. The game will support multiple languages, including Japanese, Korean and Traditional Chinese.


The game tells the story of a delivery man, Takuya (拓也), meeting a mysterious young girl, Yuki (ユキ) and together, they head into a Lost city to search for the young girl’s father.

However, obstacles stand in their path. The appearance of mysterious organisations and hidden conspiracies await Yuki and Takuya as they move closer toward the mystery behind the Lost city.


The game focuses on the perspective of Yuki (ユキ) and players would be able to make decisions as the story goes.

Players can enjoy the simple battling system, as well as the grand performance of the characters’ ultimate skills.

Pre-registration Rewards

To celebrate the pre-registration of the game reaches 300,000, ★6 Character Guaranteed Gacha Ticket X1 , Gacha Ticket X10 and Coins X 2000 will be presented to all players.


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