The Official Godzilla Store Tokyo at Anime Matsuri ~

Mr. Qoo

Anime Matsuri 2019 has kicked off! At the official Godzilla Store Tokyo booth, visitors will be able to enjoy a special Godzilla exhibition before they buy their favorite merch. For fans who couldn’t make it, here’s what you missed!


Just before you head into where all the official Godzilla store merch is, officials have specially created a Godzilla exhibition for visitors to enjoy. The exhibition kicks off with concept arts for the iconic kaiju from the series, giving fans a look at the design process of the different kaiju.

In addition to the concept arts, the officials have also placed two kaiju displays of Godzilla and Mecha-Godzilla which makes perfect photo-ops for visiting fans!

godzilla store

To complement the displays and concept arts, movie posters for past movies of the series will also be displayed at the exhibition. Hardcore fans of the series will be able to reminisce the Japanese cinematic history of the series before heading in to buy official merch from Japan.

The store will be up throughout the entire Anime Matsuri duration. Although the limited edition items are all sold out, fans will still be able to get their hands on Godzilla T-Shirts!

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