A Date with Youkai! Ikemen Genjiden Reveals Character Settings and Cast

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Ikemen Genjiden (イケメン源氏伝 あやかし恋えにし), the celebratory game of the 7th anniversary of CYBIRD’s Ikemen series, recently reveals character settings and cast.

美男源氏傳 妖怪戀緣


It is 1192, in Kamakura period, you have formed a contract with a youkai and is involved in the battles of love and hate between the members of Genji family. The destiny of love thus begins.

Characters and Cast

■ Minamoto no Yoritomo (源 頼朝) – CV: Jun Fukuyama (福山潤)
The founder and the first shōgun of the Kamakura shogunate of Japan. His perfect looks hide his sadistic personality.

美男源氏傳 妖怪戀緣
■ Kajiwara Kagetoki (梶原 景時) – CV: Takehito Koyasu (子安武人)
The trusted follower of Yoritomo. He is very good at his work but is surprisingly messy in daily life.

美男源氏傳 妖怪戀緣
■ Adachi Morinaga (安達 盛長)- CV: Shin-ichiro Miki (三木眞一郎)
He is a Japanese warrior from the Adachi clan who fought for Yoritomo. He is good at gathering information and has built up a wide network.

美男源氏傳 妖怪戀緣
■ Taira no Shigehira (平 重衡) – CV: (市井蒼)
He is one of the sons of Taira no Kiyomori (平 清盛), and one of the Taira Clan’s chief commanders. He originally holds hostility against Yoritomo, but he now forms an alliance with him.

美男源氏傳 妖怪戀緣
■ Fox Spirit Tamamo (九尾狐 玉藻) – CV: Atsushi Tamaru(田丸篤志)
A nine-tailed fox spirit that suffers from a powerful curse. He forms a contract with the protagonist and tries to seduce her to give him her soul.

美男源氏傳 妖怪戀緣
■ Minamoto no Yoshitsune (源 義経) – CV: Akira Ishida (石田 彰)
Half-brother of Yoritomo. He led a series of battles which toppled the Ise-Heishi branch of the Taira clan. He gained unrivaled power after forming the contract with Karasu-Tengu (烏天狗).

美男源氏傳 妖怪戀緣
■ Musashibō Benkei (武蔵坊弁慶) – CV: Tomokazu Seki(関智一)
He has made an oath to support Yoshitsune for a life time. He has a mysterious power that outgrowths the others.

美男源氏傳 妖怪戀緣
■ Nasu no Yoichi (那須 与一) – CV: Ryōta Suzuki(鈴木崚汰)
A samurai who fought alongside the Minamoto clan. He is actually the oldest in the clan even though he has a young look.

美男源氏傳 妖怪戀緣
■ Karasu-Tengu Kurama (烏天狗 鞍馬) – CV: Toshiyuki Morikawa (森川智之)
He is a lone wolf and hates boredom. He makes a pact with Yoshitsune, who promised to give Kurama his soul when he dies.

美男源氏傳 妖怪戀緣
■ Abe no Yasuchika (安倍泰親) – CV: Daisuke Namikawa (浪川大輔)
One of the most powerful onmyoji in his time. Rumor said that he is the reincarnation of Abe no Seimei (安倍 晴明). He is passionate about the research on youkai and Onmyōdō.

美男源氏傳 妖怪戀緣

Pre-registration Rewards

Pre-registration of the game has already reached 30,000. If the pre-registration reaches 100,000, players will get a ★4 character guaranteed gacha ticket and 1,000 orbs for presents.

美男源氏傳 妖怪戀緣


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