Imagineer Announces Rilakkuma Farm for Moible

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Yesterday (20th June), Imagineer announced a new mobile game featuring the adorable Rilakkuma titled Rilakkuma Farm (リラックマ農園~ゆるっとだららんファーム~). The game is set to release this summer and will support Japanese, English, and Chinese.

Story Setting

One day, Rilakkuma came across a sign which read “All you can eat desserts” outside a farm. Upon entering, Rilakkuma found out that it was completely deserted, not a soul could be found.

In one of the rooms, Rilakkuma found a note which read “Due to urgent circumstances, I have left for a while. I leave this farm to whoever reads this not. Don’t worry, everything you need to know is written here. If you run the farm well, you will be able to eat all the desserts you want.”

Game Overview

Rilakkuma Farm is a casual farm simulator featuring characters from the Rilakkuma series. Players will be able to run their own farm and sell their products to earn gold to unlock new recipes and buy over 200 different types of accessories and furniture. The game will also allow players to proudly share their farms with their friends via social media.

リラックマ農園 ~ゆるっとだららんファーム~ Rilakkuma Farm リラックマ農園 ~ゆるっとだららんファーム~ イマジニア株式会社 4.3 More
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