The Virus is Here! Dr. Mario World Now Available for Download!

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Nintendo’s latest mobile game, Dr. Mario World, is now available for download! Get ready to send some virus and challenge your friends!


Co-developed by Nintendo, Line and NHN, the puzzle game features Mario and his friends as doctors with special skills. Within the game, players must treat viruses by matching capsules to form three of a kind. Each stage comes with a limited number of moves.

Players can also buy items, such as bomb, turtle shell and rainbow capsules to clean up virus efficiently.

There are currently 5 maps and more than 200 stages in the game. Players can follow Dr. Mario on the adventure of eliminating virus. Things heat up in more advanced levels when players have to deal with new maps that will be released each month.


As well as Dr Mario, players can unlock other characters from the Super Mario franchise, including Dr Peach, Dr Yoshi, and Dr Bowser, by using accumulated coins or purchased diamonds. Each has a different special power that can help players clear levels.

▲Character’s demonstration video

Interactive Elements

Players can link the game to their LINE or Facebook account and send/receive stamina hearts to and from friends. A versus mode is also available for players as they can send virus to their friends for some serious challenges!


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