Touhou Project Mobile Game "Lost Word" Pre-registration Launched

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Good Smily Company and NextNinja has previously announced that they will be working together to create a Touhou Project mobile game titled Touhou Lost Word. The game is also currently available for pre-registration.


Touhou Lost Word will be created by the renowned Japanese figurine manufacturer, Good Smile Company alongside the creators of Grand Summoners, NextNinja.

NextNinja’s CEO, Masayuki Yamahishi will take the role of producer for the upcoming game. Several key visuals and characters have been revealed, but the core of the game is still much of a mystery.


▲ Reimu Hakurei
▲ Marisa Kirisame
▲ Remilia Scarlet
▲ Youmu Konpaku
▲ Reisen Udongein Inaba

Stay tuned to QooApp for more future updates on the game.

Pre-registration Rewards

10,000: 5★ Reimu Hakurei
20,000: Sealing Crystal x5 & Gold x1500 (1 Gacha Summon)
30,000: Sealing Crystal x10 & Gold x300 (2 Gacha Summon)
40,000: Sealing Crystal x15 & Gold x4500 (3 Gacha Summon)
50,000: Key Visual Card x1


Official Site

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東方LostWord(東方ロストワード) Touhou: Lost Word 東方LostWord(東方ロストワード) GOOD SMILE COMPANY Release Date: 2020-04 Pre-register
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