Enjoy the Dark School Life! Disney Twisted Wonderland Revealed Gameplay!

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The gameplay of smartphone ADV game Disney Twisted Wonderland (ディズニー ツイステッドワンダーランド) was revealed yesterday (13th August). The game is expected to release this winter.

The game starts as you fall into the twisted world of Disney. With the hope of finding a way home, you stay in the mage academy, Night Coven College, and encounter its students with different personalities, who take inspiration from the signature Disney villain.

Enjoy the Dark Fantasy Story

Players can enjoy the fully-voiced main story, which is presented in 2D visuals.

In the story mode, you will encounter different evil spirits and you can exorcise them by tapping the note on the screen. Different songs will be available as the story goes.

You can also form teams with different characters and attack enemies with their magic skills. Different enemy have different weaknesses, so selecting the correct types of characters becomes crucial.

Take Magic Lessons with Students

The lesson system allows players to train their characters. There are three types of lessons, including History of Magic, Alchemy and Flying, which enhances different abilities of the characters.

Challenge your Magic Skills in the Test

To become a great magician, players can compete with each other in the Tests. Your rank in the academy will be determined by the points you get in the tests. The higher the rank is, the greater the rewards you will get!

Pre-registration Rewards

■ 150, 000: Lesson Item X 3 *Reached
■ 300,000: Magical Key X 3 *Reached
■ 500,000: The Shed of Stars *Reached
■ 1,000,000 : Magical Key X 10


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ディズニー ツイステッドワンダーランド Disney Twisted-Wonderland ディズニー ツイステッドワンダーランド Aniplex Release Date: winter 2019 Pre-register
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