Visual Art’s Latest Bishōjo Smartphone Game Itsuwari No Alice Opens for Pre-registration

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Visual Art’s, the publisher of “AngelBeats!” and “CLANNAD”, announced a new bishōjo smartphone game Itsuwari No Alice (偽りのアリス -放置世界と未熟な少女-). Set to be released in August, the game is now available for pre-registration.


It is an idle RPG, where the characters will automatically upgrade even when you log out of the game.


The game is set in a world of “Failed Fairy Tale”. Players can select one out of three failed Alice and take a mysterious adventure with her. During the journey, you will meet other bishōjo from a well-known fairy tale, but they all have some flaws in their personalities?


Characters and Cast

■ Berserk, Alice – CV: Aoi Yūki (悠木碧)

■ Cold-blooded Hunter, Alice – CV: Chiwa Saitō (齋藤千和)

■ Coward Sorcerer, Alice – CV: Misato Fukuen (福圓美里)

■ The Queen of Hearts, Giselle – CV: Keiko Kobayashi (小林桂子)

■ The Little Match Girl, Emma – CV: Mikumikumi (みくみくみ)

■ Gluttony Snow White, Maria – CV: Kuga Hana (空賀花)

Pre-registration Rewards


■ 3,000: 500 X Gold Coins
■ 5,000: 1000 X Gold Coins
■ 10,000: 2000 X Gold Coins
■ 20,000: 3000 X Gold Coins (equals to 10 times gacha)
■ 30,000: 6000 X Gold Coins (equals to 20 times gacha)

Official Site

Official Twitter

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