Fallen Angel VS Fatal Disease? GOETIA X x Cells at Work! Collaboration Starts!

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Appirits Inc. multiplayer RPG GOETIA X (ゴエティアクロス) started collaboration events with TV anime “Cells at Work!” (はたらく細胞 ) from 15th -29th August.

Collaboration Events

Original collaboration story featuring the characters from “Cells at Work!” will be available during this period and players will be able to obtain exclusive furniture “O2 Box”.

Staphylococcus Aureus Special Quest will be opened on 22nd August. Teams consisted of “Cells at Work!” collaboration characters will have advantages in battles.

Collaboration Characters

■ Red Blood Cell – Kana Hanazawa (花澤香菜)

■ Platelet – Maria Naganawa (長縄まりあ)

■ Macrophage – Kikuko Inoue (井上喜久子)

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