KONAMI TGS2019 Line-Up! Contra Rogue Crops Demo Available!

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KONAMI has unveiled their full Tokyo Game Show 2019 (TGS2019) line-up with on their dedicated TGS2019 website. This year, KONAMI will be presenting their latest and most anticipated games as well as games from their partners.


■ Contra Rogue Corps
魂斗羅 ローグ コープス
PS4/Xbox One/PC via Steam/Nintendo Switch

The latest entry to the Contra series, Contra Rogue Corps is due out 26th September. A demo for the game will be available at TGS2019 and attendees will receive an original t-shirt for completing the “Co-op Play Missions”.

■ eFootball Winning Eleven 2020
eFootball ウイニングイレブン 2020

A special Winning Eleven 2020 corner will be available at KONAMI’s booth. Attendees will be able to compete against each other at the corner and take home t-shirts and stickers.

■ PC Engine mini
PCエンジン mini
Family Console
Demo/Stage Event

Set to release on 19th March 2020, the PC Engine mini will be showcased at TGS2019. The console will hold 58 titles. A stage event is planned for the new console and attendees can receive fans and stickers from KONAMI’s booth.

■ Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links
遊戯王 デュエルリンクス
Android/iOS/Yahoo! Games
Demo/Stage Event

The globally recognized Yu-Gi-Oh mobile game will have a special corner at KONAMI’s booth. All attendees who play the demo at TGS2019 will receive a Dark Yugi hair mask and selected players will also receive a special muffler towel. The towels will only be available during the public days of TGS2019.

■ eBaseball Pro League
Stage Event/Tournament

The eBaseball Pro League esport games featuring Power Pros Baseball will be available during TGS2019.

■ Pro Baseball Spirits A Championship
プロスピA チャンピオンシップ

During TGS2019, a special Pro Baseball Spirits A (Android/iOS) tournament will take place at KONAMI’s booth.

■ Power Pros Baseball
Demo/Stage Event

A demo for the first-ever Power Pros Baseball on Nintendo Switch will be available at TGS2019. Power Pro Baseball caps and badges will be available to attendees.

■ Power Pros Baseball Mobile
Stage Event/Tournament

Power Pros Baseball Mobile will have a tournament during TGS2019.

■ Love Plus Every
ラブプラス EVERY
Stage Event

KONAMI will have a stage event for Love Plus Every covering the latest news for the game. Attendees will also receive original badges at the KONAMI booth.

■ Killer Dance!!! -Boys, be DANCING!-
ダンキラ!!! – Boys, be DANCING! –
Stage Event

KONAMI’s dancing simulation game released earlier this year. A special stage event will be held for the game. a special Nozomi Miki’s Fortune-telling Corner will also be available at the booth. If attendees get the t-shirt icon for their fortune-telling, they will receive a special t-shirt.

■ Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls
悪魔城ドラキュラ Grimoire of Souls

The latest Castlevania game announced back in April 2018 for mobile. A demo will be available for the game. Attendees who play the demo will receive a special “Vampire Killer” (ヴァンパイアキラー).

■ Super Bomberman R
スーパーボンバーマン R
PS4/Xbox One/PC via Steam/Switch
Demo/Stage Event

With over 1 million sales globally, Super Bomberman R will be showcased at the Konami Booth. Attendees will also be able to play the demo and receive special Bomberman badges as well as the collaboration “Bon Curry” from the “Super Bomberman R x Bon Curry Collaboration”!

■ Band Meshi
Music CD
Stage Event

The character band, Band Meshi (Ban Meshi – バンめし♪) will have special live performances and stage events during TGS2019.

■ Ultimate Mobile Series
Demo/Stage Event

On 12th September, more information on the Ultimate Mobile project will be revealed at a special stage event. Players will be able to try the collection at the KONAMI booth. Special fans will be given to attendees during TGS2019.

Partner Games

During TGS2019 KONAMI will also showcase games from their partners. Partner games include:

■ Ys IX: Monstrum Nox
■ A-Train Express+
■ Vasara Collection
■ My Time at Portia
■ Coffee Talk
■ Sisters Royale: I’m Being Harassed by 5 Sisters and it Sucks
■ Headliner Novinews
■ Megaquarium
■ Umihara Kawase Fresh!
■ Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove
■ Human Resource Machine Deluxe
■ BQM BlockQuest Maker Complete Edition
■ Our Drop Eraser + Sports Set
■ Enzai Shikkou Yuugi: Yuru Kill
■ Yume Utsutsu Re:Master
■ PLAYISM New Title (Unannounced)

TGS2019 Site

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