ForwardWorks New Mobile Puzzle Game "Toro to Puzzle" Pre-Registration Begins

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Today (10th September), ForwardWorks launched the pre-registration campaign for their new mobile puzzle game featuring Sony Interactive Entertainment’s mascot, Toro.

The new game Toro to Puzzle: Doko demo Issyo (トロとパズル~どこでもいっしょ~) is a celebratory game that celebrates the 20th anniversary of the classic PlayStation title Doko Demo Issyo (どこでもいっしょ). In addition to the characters from the original title, players will also be introduced to new characters in the new game.


In Toro to Puzzle: Doko Demo Issyo, players can interact with Toro, Pokepi, and their friends while clearing puzzles to help them develop the town.

When each stage is cleared, new houses and buildings are available for players to build your own town.

You can also communicate with Toro while enjoying his adorable response.

Pre-Registration Rewards

Starting today, players will be able to pre-register for the game through the official website via Twitter, LINE, and Email. Adding the official LINE account of the game will reward players with special stickers featuring the game’s original character Sora (ソラ).


Official Site

Official Twitter

トロとパズル ~どこでもいっしょ~ フルーツと温泉街が舞台のマッチ3パズルゲーム(トロパズル) Toro to puzzle トロとパズル ~どこでもいっしょ~ フルーツと温泉街が舞台のマッチ3パズルゲーム(トロパズル) ForwardWorks Corporation 4.4 More
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