GREE Reveals Localized Japanese ver. of One Punch Man: The Strongest Man @ TGS2019!

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To start off the four-day convention, GREE revealed their latest One Punch Man mobile title, One Punch Man: Ichigeki Maji Fight (One Punch Man 一撃マジファイト), today (12th September), the first day of Tokyo Game Show 2019.

One Punch Man: Ichigeki Maji Fight is a Japanese localized version of the Chinese One Punch Man mobile game, The Strongest Man. The title of the Japanese version references the first manga chapter of the series, Ichigeki (one strike – 一撃).

About the Game

In the new game, players will be able to collect characters from the original series. The core gameplay will feature a turn-based card battle system that is simple enough for players to easily pick up. Veterans of the genre will be able to further explore the deeper features of the game’s combat including character positioning and skill priorities during combat.

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一拳超人:最强之男 One Punch Man: The Strongest Man | Simplified Chinese 一拳超人:最强之男 天馬時空 4.1 More
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