Duel Masters PLAY's Pre-registration Begins

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DeNA and Takara Tomy’s mobile TCG, Duel Masters PLAY’S officially launches its pre-registration campaign today (26th September).

Based on the Duel Masters series, the new game will combine all the familiar elements of classic TCG to create a new mobile Duel Masters game on mobile.

In the new game, in addition to summoning spells and monsters, a new Shield feature will be introduced. At the beginning of each game, players will be able to select five cards from their deck as shields. Each time the player takes damage, a shield will be activated to block the next incoming attack.
One the shield blocks an attack, it will be returned to the deck. The next attack received when all shields are used will end the match.

Pre-registration Rewards

10,000: Pack Ticket x1
30,000: Cocco Lupia x1
50,000: Pack Ticket x2
100,000: Pack Ticket x3
150,000: Valkyrie Dragon x1
200,000: Pack Ticket x4
300,000: Bolmeteus White Dragon x1


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DUEL MASTERS PLAY’S(デュエル・マスターズ プレイス) DUEL MASTERS PLAY’S DUEL MASTERS PLAY’S(デュエル・マスターズ プレイス) Takara Tomy Release Date: Unspecified Pre-register
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