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Help Sony Cat to Rebuild the Onsen Town! "Toro to Puzzle" Now Available for Download!

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Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Sony Cat franchise, mobile puzzle-solving game “Toro to Puzzle: Doko demo Issyo” (トロとパズル~どこでもいっしょ~) is now available for download.



The new game Toro to Puzzle: Doko demo Issyo (トロとパズル~どこでもいっしょ~) is a celebratory game that celebrates the 20th anniversary of the classic PlayStation title Doko Demo Issyo (どこでもいっしょ).


In addition to the characters from the original title, a new character, Sora, is also introduced, and she will be your mentor guiding you through the game.



You are invited to participate in an onsen trip in Tenkū Machi (天空町) together with Toro, while Sora entrusts you to revive the town, who was once a popular tourism spot with onsen and variety of fruits. You and Toro will be the tourism ambassador with an aim to rebuild the town by collecting different fruits.



In Toro to Puzzle, players can interact with Toro, Pokepi, and their friends while solving the puzzles to help them rebuild the town. When each stage is cleared, new houses and buildings are available for players to build your own town.


Players will be able to communicate with Toro at any time and fulfil his wish to become a human. His adorable response will undoubtedly melt your heart.


Pre-registration Rewards

To celebrate the game launch and pre-registration reaches 1,000,000, all players will be rewarded with chicken costume for Toro and puzzle-solving items.



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