Collectible Card Game Z/X Spinoff mobile RPG Z/X Code OverBoost Now Available for Download!

Mr. Qoo

Produced by Broccoli, mobile RPG Z/X Code OverBoost (ゼクスコードオーバーブースト) is now available for download. The game is a spinoff to celebrate the eighth anniversary of collectible card game Z/X Zillions of enemy X.



Following the setting of the original series, players will be able to collect and breed its signature characters, as well as forming your dream team during battles.

The game also introduced new character Rirufi (リルフィ) created by illustrator Nimoshi (にもし), and characters from the TV anime series Z/X Code reunion, which aired yesterday (8th October).

Game Launch Event

To celebrate the game launch, players login from 8th October to 7th November will be able to obtain 1,500 Crystals and 10 Premium Gacha Tickets.

Official Site

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