[Qoo News] Smartphone RPG Touhou: Lost Word Revealed Gameplay Video and Theme Song


Co-developed by Good Smile Company and NextNinja, smartphone RPG Touhou: Lost Word revealed gameplay video and theme song, Lost Word Chronicle (ロストワードクロニカル).



Based on the popular Japanese bullet hell shooter video games, Touhou Project, the smartphone game allows players to discover and solve the mystery affecting Gensōkyō (幻想鄉) with the series’ signature characters.




The game is expected to be released this winter.

Theme Song Lost Word Chronicle


The battle system catches eyes with seven features, including Shot (ョット), Spell Card (スペルカード), Last Word (ラストワード), Boost (ブースト), Purge (パージ), Change (チェンジ) and Break (ブレイク).

■ Shot (ショット)
It is the basic of the battle system. Players can choose between wide shot to gain more enhancement points or hammer shot to achieve powerful attacks.


■ Spell Card (スペルカード)
Players can unleash special skills by using the spell card. A maximum of five cards can be used for each battle.


■ Last Word (ラストワード)
Using all five Spell Cards can unleash powerful skills, Last Word.


■ Boost (ブースト)
Points can be used to boost up the attacks, as well as enhancing shooting power and adding special effects on Spell Card.


■ Purge (パージ)
Purge (パージ) means setting barriers to protect yourself from the attacks of the opponents.


■ Change (チェンジ)
Players can change the current members with backup members, to counter the attack of different types of enemies.


■ Break (ブレイク)
Break the enemies with critical attacks until they showcase weaknesses.


Gameplay Video

Pre-registration Rewards

Pre-registration has already reached 250,000 and players will be able to obtain the following rewards:


10,000: Character Reimu Hakurei (博麗靈夢) and Marisa Kirisame (霧雨魔理沙)(Can be upgraded to ★5) *Achieved
20,000:Crystals×5 & Coins ×1,500 *Achieved
30,000:Crystals×10 & Coins×3,000 *Achieved
40,000:Crystals×15 & Coins×4,500 *Achieved
50,000:Card (Key Visual ver.) ×1 *Achieved
100,000:Crystals×20 & Coins×6,000 *Achieved
150,000:Card (Key Visual ver.) ×1 *Achieved
200,000:Crystals×25 & Coins×7,500 & Card (Lively Border ver. 賑やかな境內) ×1 *Achieved
250,000:Crystals×25 & Coins×7,500 *Achieved
300,000:Card(Key Visual ver.)×3

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