LovePlus Every Release Date Announced... Again

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Konami has once again announced the launch date for their highly anticipated mobile dating sim, LovePlus Every.

Accompanying the new 31st October launch date news, Konami revealed more information and screenshots on the game’s system and gameplay.

Game System

The game is separated into three main sections, School (スクール), Date (デート), and Girlfriend Plus (Kanojo Plus – カノジョプラス). In each section, players will be able to interact differently with the three heroines.

■ School (スクール)

In this mode, the players’ goal is to unlock new locations and obtain different items that can help them raise their affinity with each heroine.

■ Date (デート)

For Dates, players will be able to select a location they have already unlocked to meet the heroine of their dreams. Through conversations and other interactions, players will be able to get closer to the heroine.

■ Girlfriend Plus (Kanojo Plus – カノジョプラス)

As players grow closer to each heroine, they will unlock special Girlfriend Cards, voiced lines, and outfits. Girlfriend cards are cards that feature special illustrations of the heroine.

The unlocked outfits unlocked can be used int he Girlfriend Plus mode where players can step into the game and see their favorite heroine in the selected outfit in VR.

Theme Song – “Can you feel me? ~私を見つけて~”

About LovePlus

LovePlus is Konami’s dating sim series first released in 2009, followed by three games for Nintendo DS and an iOS adaption. Players take the role of a transfer student at Towano High School, where he befriends the quiet Manaka Takane (CV: Saori Hayami), the rebellious Rinko Kobayakawa (CV: Sakura Tange), and the mature Nene Anegasaki (CV: Yuko Minaguchi). The goal is to become their boyfriend through different interactions and making choices. The girls have become so popular that they are called the national girlfriends of the Japanese.

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