War of the Vision: FFBE - Covering the Basics

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With re-rolling out of the way, this guide will cover the basics of playing War of the Vision: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (WotV). WoTV is a classic Final Fantasy strategy experience. The turn-based system inherits its core from classic FF titles and requires a little more understanding of the game’s system to make the most out of the combat. Without further ado, here are a few things that you will need to know about WotV.

General Combat Basics
Full Clear Requirements
Character/Unit Growth
Weapons & Gears

General Combat Basics

During combat, players will be able to do a few things when it is their unit’s turn. In addition to moving, players will be able to command their units to perform basic attacks and use skills and spells. At the end of each unit’s turn, players will also have an option to control which direction their unit is facing.

On the left of the combat UI, you will find the order of when each unit will have its turn. The order is dependant on each unit’s CT. Every action a unit performs will cost CT which will affect when the unit will have their next turn. Of course, certain units also have the ability to boost ally’s CT or reduce enemy CT.

■ TP vs AP

TP and AP is required for activating abilities. Depending on the ability itself, it will either use AP or TP. The difference between the two is quite simple. Every unit recovers TP each turn and on the other hand, units gain AP per ability and attacks activated.

■ Friendly Fire & Chains

The combat system in WotV has minimal restrictions in terms of the player’s targetting. What this means is that if you ever feel like just attacking your own units, it is possible. When casting spells and skills, it is important to make sure you know what the skill actually does to prevent accidentally healing your enemies. Simply tapping on the magnifying glass icon by each skill will give you the description for each skill.

During combat, players will be able to activate chains. Chains are activated two or more characters deal the same type of damage to the same enemy. The same weapon is required for physical chains (basic attack + active skills). Elemental chains are activated when the enemy is hit with two attacks of the same element.

■ Death, Crystals, & Resurrection

When a unit is defeated in combat, a timer will start ticking each turn. If you have a unit with resurrection, you will be able to resurrect the unit before the timer runs out. When the timer runs out, there is a chance a crystal will spawn. When a unit obtains a crystal, it will be able to recover HP and TP.

There is also a small chance that a rare purple crystal will spawn. These crystals will grant JP to the unit.

■ Auto Mode

Full Stage Complete Requirements

If you’re a completionist or simply that kind of player who needs to make the most out of each stage, you’ll want to clear or the requirements for each stage.

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Character/Unit Growth

Simply getting a UR unit in WotV doesn’t really mean anything. The heavy part of the game is to develop the units you have to unlock new jobs and skills that will ultimately alter the role your unit plays on the field. There are three main ways to strengthen a unit.

■ Job Enhancement

Each job enhancement raises the job level and base stat of the unit. Depending on the job, different stats will be raised. In addition to the stat improvements, job levels are one of the requirements for unlocking new skills and abilities in the skill tree.

■ Limit Break

Limit break raises the unit’s max level and max job level. This will be one of the harder enhancements to fulfill especially for UR units due to the fact that character shards are required for limit break.

■ Skill Tree

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In the character’s skill tree, you will be able to unlock new skills, passives, and stat boosts for the unit. Job Points (JP) are needed to unlock new tiles. JP are gained as the unit levels up. The skill tree will feature four different tile types, each differentiated by color.

Support skills are passive effects that you can equip on your unit one unlocked.
Passive skills are flat stat boosts
Reactive skills are passive effects that only take effect when certain requirements are met during combat
Active skills are split into two groups, Main and Sub Job. Main skills will have an additional frame in the skill tree and Sub Job skills won’t.


Jobs determines what kind of abilities and stat growth a unit will have. A unit’s main job is locked, meaning the job they start off with when you first summon them cannot be changed. But as you upgrade your unit, you will be able to unlock sub-jobs which can be equipped upon clearing stage 3-4.

Equipping a sub-job will allow the unit to use sub-job abilities from the equipped job. By default, a unit will have its main job equipped in the sub job slot as well. This allows the unit to use all the available abilities the job has to offer. Changing the sub-job will allow the unit to use sub-job abilities from the new sub-job, but it also means that the sub-jobs abilities from the main job won’t be available. This does not affect the main job abilities.


To further raise the stats of a unit, you can equip weapons and other equipment on them. Equipment can be crafted if you have a recipe and the materials required for the recipe. However, the recipe will also be consumed in the crafting process. The recipe will have to be obtained again if you wish to craft the same equipment again.

Materials can be farmed from stages, events, or bought from stores. Alternatively, you can also disassemble other equipment to extract materials for crafting.

About the Game

WAR OF THE VISIONS: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a tactical RPG co-developed by Square Enix and Gumi Inc. and published by Square Enix. It is a spin-off of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius that draws inspiration from the Final Fantasy Tactics series of games. The story takes place on the continent of Ardora on the world of Lapis, the primary setting of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, and depicts a war between five rival nations that occurred in the distant past. As in the original title, the war is waged using the power of Visions, physical manifestations of powerful warriors from different eras and worlds summoned using Crystals.

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