Disgaea RPG Releases New Gameplay PV

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Forward Works has released a new PV for Disgaea RPG, their smartphone title for the Disgaea series which is currently still under maintenance hell. The new PV reveals gameplay features that will be available in the game when it eventually launches.

Disgaea RPG is the first mobile title of the Disgaea series. The game will feature its own unique story featuring the iconic characters from other titles in the series. Players will also be able to revisit the stories from other titles in the Disgaea Recap feature.


In Disgaea RPG, players will be able to create their own teams of iconic demon lords from the series and clear stages to further strengthen their characters to deal massive damage numbers which is the core of the Disgaea series. The game will feature up to 4x speed with a full auto mode to ensure that players will be able to farm and grind the game without putting in all the manual labor.

The game will also have different game modes for players to play, from the Item World where players can clear stages and earn new gear and items to strengthen their characters to the Demon Lord Tower where players can challenge their team by climbing higher floors.

As players progress further into the game, they will also be able to further upgrade their characters with Awakening, Rebirth, and Demonification. All these upgrades and strengthening will further increase the damage output to surpass anything seen in previous Disgaea titles.

Additionally, at the Dark Council, players will be able to receive quests from council members to earn more rewards.

The actual re-release date for the game has yet to be confirmed, but according to the previous plan revealed on the game’s official Twitter account, the game is set to re-launch late November.


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