Show by Rock!! 3rd Season Confirmed for 9/1, New PV Revealed!

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Sanrio mixed-media project “Show by Rock!!” announced a third season for the anime adaptation under the title of “Show by Rock!! Mashumairesh!!” (SHOW BY ROCK!!ましゅまいれっしゅ!!)  and it is confirmed to premiere on 9th January 2020.

The franchise had an anime adaptation by Bones between April and June 2015, followed by a sequel aired from October to December 2016. The third season will center the girl band “Mashumairesh!!”

Seung Hui Son (孫承希) will direct the series in Kinema Citrus, with Daisuke Tazawa (田沢大典) as the series’ scriptwriter and Nobuyuki Itō (伊藤晋之) as character designer. Yasuharu Takanashi (高梨康治) and Funta7 are returning to compose the series’s music in Pony Canyon.



The story follows Howan, a white fox girl from the countryside who travels to the big city of Under North Zawa and joins a rock band with the striped cat girl Mashimahimeko, the Devil Mint demon girl Delmin, and the wolf girl Ruhuyu. Will the girls be able to make their musical dreams come true as the rock band “Mashumairesh!!”?

Characters and Cast

■ Howan (ほわん) – CV: Hikaru Tono (遠野ひかる)

■ Mashimahimeko (マシマヒメコ) – CV: Yuuko Natsuyoshi (夏吉ゆうこ)

■ Delmin (デルミン) – CV: Misaki Watada (和多田美咲)

■ Ruhuyu (ルフユ) – CV: Aya Yamane (山根綺)

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