Monster Rancher Mobile Port Launches Today!

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Koei Tecmo launches the mobile port for Monster Rancher (モンスターファーム) on iOS and Android today (28th November), selling at JPY 1,960 (tax-included). A Switch version will follow shortly on 19th December.


Monster Rancher is the first title in Koei Tecmo’s simulation RPG series of the same name. The original game was created by Tecmo (before the Koei and Tecmo merger in 2009) and released in 1997 for PlayStation.


This mobile game recreates all the original features except generating monsters from CDs (as smartphones and Nintendo Switch can’t play CDs, obviously). Instead, players can search the CDs from the game’s custom database (internet required). New functions such as battling with random players and autosave are also added.

■ Monster generation
Connect to the internet and acquire monsters by searching for CDs from the database.


■ Raising monsters
Raise your monsters in your own way. There are six parameters: Power, Intelligence, Life, Skill, Speed, and Defense. You can train your monsters by letting them do the chores or send them to experts.



■ Battle
Register your well-trained monster and fight with others in the tournament. You will rank up if you win the official tournament.



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