Jun Maeda is Back. A New Mobile RPG Heaven Burns Red Announced

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Key and Wright Flyer Studios announced yesterday (28th November) that a new mobile RPG created by Jun Maeda (麻枝准) titled “Heaven Burns Red” will land on iOS and Android in 2020 in Japan.

It has been 13 years since Jun Maeda’s last game “Little Busters!”, Heaven Burns Red will be his first game since then and he will be the original story and main scenario writer, and also in charge of the music and songs for “Heaven Burns Red”.

The game also boasts a renowned list of creative minds who will be working on the game including Na-Ga, Fumuyun (ふむゆん) and Maroyaka (まろやか) for the original character design and Yuugen (ゆーげん) for the character design and main visual.

Maeda’s message

The latest game from Key will be a mobile RPG with an original story and scenario handled by me. We have changed the gaming platform from PC to the widespread smartphones so Key can survive as a game brand. However, the essence of our work remains the same. It is a game that you can enjoy,  immerse and empathize with, and eventually, shed a tear or two.

We will reveal the vocal music once a month until the game is out, so please follow our official account and stay tuned. Thank you for supporting Heaven Burns Red.

About Jun Maeda

He is the co-founder of the visual novel brand Key. He mainly works as the original creator and main composer of most of Key’s games. Notable titles include AIR, Kanon and CLANNAD. He is also the scriptwriter of the TV anime series Angel Beats! and Charlotte.

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