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Cygames latest pinball RPG World Flipper ( has been gaining increasing popularity since its launch. If you are considering to start the game, here are a few tips, including Steps for Reset Marathon, Character’s ranking, how to bind account, and how to invite friends to play. I hope you enjoy this game as much as I did!

*You may need JP VPN to play this game if you are outside of Japan

Steps for Reset Marathon

1. Install World Flipper
2. Start the tutorial
3. Draw 1-time gacha (guarantee ★4 or above character)
4. Finish the tutorial
5. Receive 1500 Star Stones in Mail
 * An additional 1000 Star Stones is presented until 28th December 2019
6. Draw 11 times of the Game Launch Memorial Gacha (Character)
7. Start the game when you get the ★5 characters you aim for
8. Erase data in the menu and repeat Step 1

Step 6: Game Launch Memorial Gacha (Character)

After receiving Star Stones X 1500 in the mail, go for the Game Launch Memorial Gacha (Character) shown below. There is another pool for equipment only. You are advised to prioritize the character gacha, instead of the equipment gacha, considering that ★5 equipment can be obtained in the main story quest.

▼Drop rate

Step 8: How to Erase the game data

1.Menu → 2. Others → 3. Return to the Title

4. Menu (Title Page)→ 5. Erase Data → 6. OK

Suggested Characters & Character Ranking

S Rank (Highly Recommend!)


★5 / Fire/ Special/ Human・Fairy

■ Supporter + Enhance skill damage of the team

■ Powerful leader skill (Fire character skill damage +125%)

■ Ability: skill gauge + 80% when the battle starts,

■  Clear the monsters speedily


★5 / Wind/ Healer/ Human・Fairy

■ Healer + Recover HP for the whole team & Enable the team float (浮遊)

■ Powerful leader skill (Wind character attack +115% when their HP is 60% or above)

■ Ability:  Wind character’s attack +30% during floating

■ The best supporter in the game


★5 / Thunder/ Special/Yōkai

■ Supporter + Stun the monster

■ Strong leader skill (Thunder character attack +40% & Fever time + 30%)

■ Ability: Fever gauge of the team + 25 & her attack +200% during fever time

■ Suitable for boss battles


★5 / Light/ Swordsman/ Human

■ Attacker + Use her sword to penetrate enemy

■ Powerful leader skill (Light character attack +115% when their HP is 60% or above)

■ Ability: Attack + 75% when her HP is 80% or above

■ Simply powerful

A Rank (Recommend) 



★5 / Dark/ Shooter/ Human・Fairy

■ Attacker + Sacrifice HP for powerful attack

■ Strong leader skill (Dark character attack +140% when their HP is 50% or below)

■ Ability: Her attack +250% when her HP is 50% or below

■ Remember to manage her HP well


★5 / Fire/ Shooter/ Dragon

■ Attacker + Breath fire to penetrate the enemy and aim for its weak point

■ Strong leader skill (Fire character attack +40% & Power Flip damage + 40%)

■ Ability: The more you flip the character, the stronger he is

■ Better unleash his skill when he is close to the boss weak point

Ralstol ★5 / Light/Swordsman/ Human

■ Supporter + Endure to all elements & boost debuff resistance & Attack Up & Heal HP

■ Strong leader skill (Light character attack +40%/ Light character attack + 4% every time HP recover (max. 40%) /Light character Dark Resist Boosted + 1.5% every time HP recover (max. 15%)

■ Ability: Teammate attack +60% when their HP is 80% or above

■ Can’t cause powerful damage


★5 /Wind /Swordsman/ Human

■ Attacker + Unleash tornado to attack surrounding enemy

■ Strong leader skill (Wind character attack +40% & Power Flip damage + 40%)

■ Ability: Receive the damage of the third character of the team + His HP + 15%

■ His ability can protect his teammate, pair well with Philia



★5 /Thunder /Supporter/ Human・Fairy

■ Supporter & Healer + Unleash wide-range thunder attack and recover HP for the whole team

■ Practical leader skill (Thunder character HP +10% & attack + 20% & skill damage + 60%)

■ Ability: every time she unleash skills, the healing amount of the whole team + 5% (max. 25%)

■ A great supporter, but leader skill is less powerful compared to other characters with the same rank



★5 / Dark /Swordsman/ Human

■ Attacker + Unleash wide-range attack & Attack Up & Enable teammate to penetrate enemy

■ Strong leader skill (Dark character attack +65%)

■ Ability: Teammate attack + 60% when they penetrate enemy

■ Allow the team to aim for the enemy’s weak point

B Rank (Compromised) 


★5 / Fire /Swordsman/ Human

■ Attacker +Summon pirate ship and her crew to unleash powerful fire damage

■ Practical leader skill (Fire character HP +15% & Attack + 30% & Attack +5% for every 20 flips, max. 25%)

■ Ability: Her attack +12% for every 20 flips (max. 60%) & Her crew attack + 6% (max. 30%)

■ Summon three crew members on the field, increase the chances to attack the enemy’s weakness point



 ★5 / Water /Supporter/ Human・Yōkai

■ Supporter + Unleash magical circle to attack and poison the surrounding enemy

■ Practical leader skill (Water character HP +40%)

■ Ability: Her HP + 40% and poison damage +90%

■ High HP, fit for prolonged battle when you pair with a healer



★5 / Water /Swordsman/ Human・Yōkai

■ Attacker + her attack damage enhance every time she attacks the enemy & Teammate attack up

■ Practical leader skill (Water character attack + 30%/ Water character attack + 12% for every 30 combos, max. 60%)

■ Ability: Her attack + 10% for every 30 combos (max. 60%)

■ Water character attack + 90% (max.) if you can achieve 30 combos

How to Bind Account?

Follow the below steps if you select to create password.

How to Play World Flipper with Your Friends?

Word Flipper supports a maximum of three players to challenge boss battles, where you can collect coins in exchange for weapons or enhancement items. More boss battles will be available as you proceed to the main story.

 How to open a multiplayer room?

■ How to join a room?

You can also follow different players and their room will showcase here.

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