[Qoo News] Puzzle-solving RPG ArkResona Ends Services on 31/1/2020


Nexon’s puzzle-solving RPG ArkResona (アークレゾナ) announced yesterday (2nd December) on Twitter that the game will end services on 31st January 2020, 12:00 (JST). The game was out on 4th August this year.


Official Announcement

The operation team does not explain why they made this decision, but it expresses the greatest gratitude to all the players who enjoy and support the game in this short period of time.

■ Regarding the in-game item “Misumariru” (ミスマリル)
・They can be used until 31st January 2020, 12:00 (JST).
・We will announce further details shortly regarding the paid “Misumariru”. If you have bought “Misumariru”, please mark your in-game ID down.
・After the maintenance on 2nd December, players will not be able to purchase in-game items.

About ArkResona

ArkResona is a match-three game. Players can attack the monsters by matching the blocks with the same colors. When certain blocks are eliminated, powerful bombs with different skills appear and bring strong attacks. The game is only available in Japan (and some parts of North America) and the region lock is very strict.



The game story centers around the world of “Makina” (マキナ), where magic and ancient civilization co-exist. Renowned voice actors/actresses also feature in the game including Kaito Ishikawa(石川界人), Tetsuya Kakihara (柿原徹也), and Ayane Sakura (佐倉綾音).

Player’s Reviews

The app’s rating on QooApp is 1.7/5 currently (3rd December), which is relatively low. In general, players really appreciate the art and illustrations, in particular the character design and animation. The gameplay experiences seem slightly above average but can be better (e.g. the game requires grinding but it’s still fun). One big concern of the game is that the region lock is very strict, many players outside Japan and North America reported that they couldn’t play the game at all even with express VPNs.


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