LovePlus EVERY Ver 1.1.0 Announced and In-Game Rewards for the Overtime Maintenance

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The official website and Twitter of Konami’s dating simulation app, LovePlus EVERY (ラブプラス EVERY) announced on 3rd December that it will release a 1.1.0 update which comes with a moderate amount of compensation for the overtime maintenance.

Official Announcement

The operation team apologizes for the delays in maintenance. It states that several bugs and problems found in the previous version were fixed in the 1.1.0 update. If you have installed the old version of the app on your phone, please update the app to Ver 1.1.0 before playing it.

In-game rewards for the overtime maintenance

All players will receive the following items in their gift box:

・Silver coins (銀リッチ) X 2800
・Fashion ticket (ファッションチケット) X 5000
・Reward ticket (ご褒美チケット) X 800
・Action energy-50 (アクションエナジー50) X 280

About LovePlus EVERY

In LovePlus EVERY, players will be able to interact with the series’ three heroines. Through conversations and a variety of different in-game events, players will raise their affinity with the heroine of their choice. The game will also feature a VR and AR mode for players to feel closer to their beloved heroine.

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