White Cat Project: ZERO CHRONICLE Anime Reveals Screenshots, More Concept Art and Spring 2020 Premiere

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Anime adaptation of Colopl’s mobile ARPG, White Cat Project: ZERO CHRONICLE (白猫プロジェクト ZERO CHRONICLE) revealed the anime screenshots and character concept art during a live stream yesterday (12th December). The anime is scheduled to premiere in spring 2020.

The anime adaptation will be directed by Jinbou Masato (神保昌登), the director of “Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya 2Wei!” and “Senryu Girl”. Yosuke Okuda (奥田庸介), character designer behind “Blend S” will be designing the characters for the series. Project No.9 will be the studio behind the series.

The anime series will be adapting the game’s third-anniversary event Zero Chronicle Original Sin.

Character Concept Art

■ Valuasu (ヴァルアス) – CV: Katsuyuki Miura (三浦勝之)

■ Groza (グローザ) – CV: Nagisa Una (渚 兎奈)

■ Skiers (スキアーズ) – CV: Atsuyoshi Miyazaki (宮崎敦吉)

Previously announced
■ The Dark Prince – CV: Yūki Kaji (梶 裕貴)

■ The White Queen, Iris – CV: Yui Horie (堀江 由衣 )

■ Faios (ファイオス) – CV: Shōgo Batori (バトリ勝悟)

■ Cima (シーマ) – CV: Chise Nakamura (中村知世)

■ Theo (テオ) – CV: Iwabata Takuya(岩端 卓也)


Once upon a time, White Kingdom ruled the sky, while the Black Kingdom ruled the land.

However, the appearance of a powerful Dark Lord broke the balance and attempted to invade the White Kingdom. Queen of the White Kingdom, Iris, joined hands with the Dark Prince, who wished to bring peace to the world.

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