Villains Take the Stage! Granblue Fantasy Versus Revealed First Wave of DLC!

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Cygames and Arc System Works revealed details of the DLC of Granblue Fantasy: Versus at Granblue Fantasy Fes 2019, held between 13rd -15th December. A new PV highlighting the villain of the series, Chaos Bringer and Belial, was also revealed.


Details of DLC

Chaos Bringer (voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi) and Belial (voiced by Hosoya Yoshimasa) are not only the villains in the game’s RPG mode but will also be available as playable characters after purchasing the character pass.

Character Pass 1 includes Chaos Bringer Narmaya (voiced by MAO), Soriz (voiced by Koyama Rikiya), and Djeeta (voiced by Hisako Kanemoto). A fifth character will also be included, revealed in March 2020 during the Granblue Fantasy 6th Anniversary live stream. Most characters will launch in March 2020, with Djeeta launching in April 2020 and the unknown character having no confirmed date as of yet.

Belial will appear as the first character of Character Pass 2, while the release date is not yet announced.

Alternative character color as DLC was also previewed. The three packs will be released at the same time and will be included in the Premium Edition, Character Pass Set, and Digital Deluxe Edition.

About Granblue Fantasy Versus

Produced by Yuito Kimura (木村唯人) and directed by Tetsuya Fukuhara (福原哲也), the 2.5D fighting game will launch in Japan on PlayStation 4 on 6th February. A western release is planned for Q1 2020.

Granblue Fantasy Versus is a fighting RPG game that allows players to experience a brand new story featuring their favorite Granblue characters. The main story of the game revolves around Gran. Chaos has befallen the Sky Realm, and Gran alongside his former allies once again takes to the sky on their airship, Grandcypher on an adventure to find the source.

The new game will feature a character enhance and customization system where players will be able to further strengthen their favorite characters as well as equipping them with different equipment and skills.

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